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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Music (Mp3) or Sound (Wav) - which is better??

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Joined: 5th Oct 2012
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2015 01:25
Greetings again!! I have a question about sound effects. Seems like if I use MP3 files for sound effects and MUSIC commands, then when PLAY MUSIC xx is called, the MP3 file sometimes plays or is just ignored. I tried even this as a subroutine:

But the MP3 refuses to play or decides to play just once.

Now would using WAV files and SOUND commands be better or about the same problem?

I have all my latest sound drivers but cannot use K-Lite_Codec_Pack since it kills my program.

Otherwise my program works great, just missing the sound effects from time to time.
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Posted: 23rd Nov 2015 02:05 Edited at: 5th Jan 2016 19:49
I use both sound and music in my games. I try to use .mp3 music files as much as I can, as the files are smaller. If you have a bunch of .wav files it adds to your initial load times for your game.

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Posted: 22nd Jan 2016 19:57
Only time I'd use a wav for a music file is if it must absolutely loop seamlessly. But I've never had any issue with playing an mp3. Have you tried other files? Maybe it's just how that particular file is encoded.

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