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Code Snippets / [AGK] - Isometric tile map

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Posted: 18th Dec 2015 07:11 Edited at: 29th Aug 2020 17:25
Wrote this in DBP awhile back. Thought I'd copy it over to AGK. Turns out I already did (at least in my project folder) but couldn't find it posted here yet. I updated a few things and so here it is.
Arrow keys to scroll map. Mouse wheel to cycle through the tiles. The tiles are all cloned from a single animated sprite, using the frames as the different tiles. 'G' will toggle the grid. Nothing fancy, just a demo to get people started. Attached is the sample image I used for the demo.

(why does the code tags not support AppGameKit yet?)
Tiled TMX Importer V.2
XML Parser V.2
Base64 Encoder/Decoder
Purple Token - Free online hi-score database
Legend of Zelda

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