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FPSC Classic Scripts / Re-Post Resident Evil type camera

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Joined: 22nd Dec 2015
Posted: 25th Dec 2015 22:52
Saw a post a few months back about resident evil 3rd person style camera. I have tried one other 3rd person script [dont remember who did it but it had a stock AI or ww2 soldier option] didn't end up working for me in 1.19.

The only answer they really got lead to this thread which the guy seems to be gone though the camera does look exactly what I am looking for and really wouldnt mind paying a lil bit for it as it does look like give game a much different old school kinda feel .

Anyone know where to find such a script?
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Posted: 28th Dec 2015 20:39
Resident Evil and 3rd person camera is 2 different things. One is behind the player and the other switches between fixed camera positions.

Sinister Spoon gave some helpful comments about setting up your own resident evil cameras here:

Quote: "TBF Ive been using a lot of fixed cameras for my menu system and its not that hard to set up your cameras, have a script that sets their activation values and have each camera wait for it to be activated and use the entity cam command.



So when the entites activation value is set to 2 the camera switches to that entity, I use ww2 stock radios (brown) and the camera comes out the back on that, so position it, lock it in place, and boom, do that for the rest and just script the cameras to trigger as and when u like

so say the player walks out of this cams view, a trigger zone sets its activation back to 1 which resets the camera, and switches another cameras activation value to 2, so that camera then calls the entitycam command and becomes the active camera

it sounds complicated but its not really. and u can do it all for free"

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