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NaGaCreMo / As yet untitled 3D Pool gamed, tentatively called 3DPool [2016]

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Posted: 2nd Jan 2016 12:21 Edited at: 2nd Jan 2016 12:23
Well, since I've decided to make my vr Zelda game in tier 2 as a learning experience, my new NaGaCreMo project will be an AGK2 Tier 1 3DPool game.

So far, I have a table (with no rails yet), and a whole lotta balls. (Boom! Boom!)

You (currently) control the white ball by tapping on the screen, the distance from the white determines the strength of the shot, the angle determines, well the direction. It needs some fixing as due to aspect ratios, the direction is off slightly unless it's directly across or above/below the white. When the balls fall off the table, they reset into their correct place. (There's currently no logic behind the game yet, just hit the balls)

Here are some screenshots:

(The black borders are there by design. )

And a short video:


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Posted: 2nd Jan 2016 17:21
Sweet looking stuff man! Iv been dying to make a pool game myself

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Posted: 8th Jan 2016 01:04
yeah it looks cool! eventually i will play around with those physics commands too ...but not yet.

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