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FPS Creator X10 / Getting my hands on x10 to remember the good old days

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Joined: 17th Feb 2016
Posted: 17th Feb 2016 08:34
Hello, I never actively got involved with the community because at the time of me first using classic free I was really young. Ever since I got the idea of making a game in middle school, I uses FPSC free and mastered it. It was easy to use and produced high results and I got huge satisfaction making projects and levels. I'm sure at least someone shares that, this is to this day my origins for learning so much about computers and technology that I can't thank the devs and the community for making it so great.

While the free version of FPSC was fantastic, and figuring out how to install the free community pack 6 on the free version of the program was amazing. I never forgot how cool x10 looked. That fantastic 2 minute long trailer with that nostalgic voice talking about the wonders of direct x 10 and all the new features to the program. That slug type weapon used in the trailer looked so fantastic and I longed for money to buy it. But never did. Regardless I continued my adventures with FPSC. I remember trying to get into DarkBasic Pro one day, I wanted to be this expert programmer and though never learning even one command in it, I had so much memories mindlessly copying the code from the tutorial where the guy makes his dbp program use an FPSC level.

Though all good stuff like that grows old, and I put game design fun to a hold. I came back to it here and there but never on FPSC. But then I made the decision that computers would be my future career, I would persue as much knowledge as I could and I ultimately have FPSC to thank for that. I'll never forget trying to convince my dad the program that it wasn't a virus so I could put it on his faster laptop. And making the all time game that I would play test for hours upon hours for fun. So about a while ago I remembered those days and came back to the all time to see the fancy new FPSC reloaded. I was excited and saved up my steam codes to get it when it came out(I'm bad at saving money so that never happened. I eventually got a multipack of game guru for me and my friends when it did come out though) and then it was behind me again. I focused more on my computer science class and enjoyed programming Java.

So after getting far in Java I started thinking back to game development, eventually leading me back here. Today I just came back to the website hearing the wonderful news that FPSC Classic and DBP is now open source. I am very extatic about this and I can't wait to download it and view the code of my child hood wonders. But this made me wonder, now that Game Guru is out and FPSC Clasic is out, what about x10. I learned early on it wasn't being sold anymore and this made me sad. But with everything being left behind is it possible to get this program? Even without source code it would mean the world to me seeing the old program in the new title that I dreamed of having at a younger age.

Thanks for reading and helping me out. And a big thank you for The Game Creators for making my dreams come true at a young age and leading me to be a computer programmer. You guys will forever go down in my memories!

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 21st Feb 2016 23:41
Hi Haxxson
Darn it, one copy of X10 just sold on ebay 4 days ago. Keep your eyes open, someone sells their copy
every once in awhile. Also with FPSC-Classic and DBPro now open source surely X10 should go open source also ?
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Posted: 12th Apr 2016 20:29
you can have my copy if you want. Feel free to PM me.
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Joined: 15th May 2016
Posted: 24th May 2016 03:48
I was lucky to find a copy on Amazon a few years back. There are also several sites that you could look at, although it might be a pirated download. But don't stop believing!

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