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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Question about FPS Creator Classic art asset licensing

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Joined: 24th Feb 2016
Posted: 24th Feb 2016 10:24
Hello everyone,

I have a quick question about the licensing terms of the model packs, as well as the sound effects and other art assets hosted here. It seems that none of the model packs, or FPS Creator Classic itself for that matter, come with any sort of licensing information. Personally I am interested in converting these assets into a more common format (like fbx) and using them as placeholder art in my own game engine. However, I am a supporter of giving back to the open source community, and I would like to redistribute these converted model packs for free, so that anyone else can benefit from them in the same way.

Again, I am asking for the exact license of the assets, and if there currently is no official license then I ask that the information on the Github page be updated to reflect the license of the original author's choice. Currently the way the page reads sounds like the art is being open sourced (some kind of creative commons license?) along with the code. Can we modify the content? Convert it? Redistribute it? Sell products using it? Not knowing any of this information makes using this generous donation of art useless due to the legal uncertainty that currently exists.

I hope that the licensing is non-restrictive, as this art could be of great help to many indie developers. However, this is of course entirely the choice of the original author.

Thank you for your time,
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Posted: 23rd Mar 2016 14:27
Quote: "Can we modify the content? Convert it? Redistribute it? Sell products using it?"

I think you can modify anyway you want. You can convert it and use in commercial games. I don't know about redistribute though. Sorry.
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