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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Fps Creator Data

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Joined: 2nd Feb 2016
Posted: 4th Jul 2016 16:21 Edited at: 23rd Dec 2016 23:08
Fps Creator Epic Pack - I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE FILES. I am only redistributing what has gone missing. So, people can still get what they need for Fps Creator. This is made to release files that are now gone from the main page of TGC. For us to keep all this data; I have saved it all until i couldn't get any more of it left.

I have FPSC x9, FPSC mods, fpsc source files, dark basic files, beta + release updates, Google Code Issues, manuals, information, fpi scripting help, FPSC's FAQ, licensee, and tutorials. I don't have 1 - 75 of Fpsc's google code issues.

I have updates and betas (i removed the betas, sorry) :
1.01 < Have
1.02 < Have
1.03 < Don't have
1.04 < Have
1.05 < Don't have
1.06 < have
1.07 < have
1.08 < have
1.09 < have
1.10 < Only latest beta of the update
1.11 < Only latest beta of the update
1.12 < have
1.13 < have
1.14 < have
1.15 < have
1.16 < have
1.17 < have
1.18 < have
1.19 < have
1.20 < Full, unofficials, and beta 17 for ice mod / nomad mod
1.20 beta 17 > reupload coming soon

I have websites in the zip that have Airmod's webpage, starmind3dgraphics, bornforgame, both x9 and x10 moddb web pages, and Uvod's website too. I have guides, helpful information, and more documents full of fpsc stuff. I have Side programs that are, Particle Creator from Phenonix mod, s4real's vishupacker, resource hacker, closk skybox creator, textease, dds converter 2.1, SGlauncher, Movie Maker 2.6, firma v2, Audacity, and fpsc helper.

Fpsc updates 1.05, and 1.03 are not around, probably were never even created.

TGC has the model packs 1 - 77 (some are not there). But I don't want to give any of EAImedia's non-free stuff!~ Model packs 8, 51, 57, 62, 73, and 74 are comepletely unavalible! 3:

Fpsc info text.txt has iron-sights for model packs 5, 6, 9, and 10; with so much features and information.

RARE Stuff > simons hands for old stock weapons and modifications to 1.18 weapons.


First file > Fpsc betas and updates 1.07, 1.09, 1.16 and a few mods > will be reuploaded

Second File > Fpsc updates 1.17-19 > will be reuploaded

Third File > Fpsc update 1.20 > will be reuploaded

Fourth File stock weapons with Simon's hands and unofficial 1.20 updates > Coming soon...

Fifth File > Websites, information, tutorials, Google Code issues, FAQs', fpi stuff, manuals, and Including the side programs listed above >

Stuff i forgot to include:

IndieDB X10+X9 sites:

FPSC Agent:

EAImedia's stuff:

Black Ice mod:

Directx 9.0c -

I hope this will help all who enjoy using this game engine!~

- Cloid
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Joined: 2nd Feb 2016
Posted: 6th Jul 2016 12:56 Edited at: 23rd Dec 2016 23:10

Friday, Dec. 23rd, 2016, 4:10 PM, USA Mountain Time > Edited links for uploaded files on a file.

I removed models packs because they had viruses, i had to remove the betas because, no one would really need the betas. I edited the information text of the forum post as well.

- Cloid

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