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Work in Progress / Population: 01 (WIP | Space Crafting Game)

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Posted: 3rd Oct 2016 02:12 Edited at: 13th Oct 2016 04:07
I've been programming a kind of top-down Minecraft style game set in space for the past week or so. Still a long way to go with it but I thought I'd share what I've got so far. I'll try and keep this thread updated. The concept is quite simple, you are marooned on a far away planet that is filled with strange wildlife and vegetation. You have to mine, craft, fight and explore to survive and unravel the main storyline. So far there is:

Visit the games subreddit here!

Player movement, includes jumping / sliding collision
Inventory system
Crafting system (only a few objects at the moment)
Place walls, doors, dirt blocks, lights, wood blocks, wooden ramps, wooden planks
Shoot your laser gun
XP / levelling up system
Battery - you have to craft batteries to power tools and your suit.
Day / Night cycle and clock
Diamond blocks
Ray casting collision for precision
Lights - Can craft and place them (The lights activate when players is close by. (due to the limits on number of lights are available at any one time)
Added a paused first person perspective view
Fall damage
Harvest wood and saplings from trees
Any objects between player and camera fade to almost invisible allowing you to see through them
Save / Load worlds
Beds - Sleep until morning and set your spawn point. You also hear an extract from The Velveteen Rabbit - a story about questioning reality which will tie into the games story line.

What I hope to have in the finished release is:

* Many raw materials to use in crafting
* Aliens that come out at night
* Power generators
* Solar panels
* More objects to craft such as furniture, tools, dune buggy, plants, water filtration unit etc
* Growing of food in pots
* Main storyline that unfolds the more you explore - something isn't quite right with your planet, weird things happen and you have to get to the bottom of it.
* Survival - hunger, thirst, battery life, health

Here's a video of what I've got so far. (Preview 12)

Here's a glimpse of the game code at the time of Preview 07

As I am also a music composer, I will be writing a full soundtrack for it at some point. If I manage to complete the development then I might look at an indie release through Steam or my own website. It's quite fun to play so far, the control system is quirky but kind of cool and the top-down view in a 3D environment seems to work well with it. I'll upload a free demo version for you all to try out and give some feedback when I've got it to a suitable stage.

Let me know what you guys think, any suggestions? - professional music for your games.


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Chris Tate
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Posted: 11th Oct 2016 11:04
This looks like it is going to be alot of fun.
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Joined: 28th Apr 2011
Location: Manchester, UK
Posted: 11th Oct 2016 22:29
Quote: "This looks like it is going to be alot of fun."

I hope so! It's quite fun just building at the moment, but I want to add more survival elements and a main story line that allows you to fight bosses and explore new terrains. - professional music for your games.

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