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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Open for providing honest reviews!

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Joined: 17th Oct 2012
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 3rd Oct 2016 16:48
Hello there,

I've been running a YouTube channel called Fureviews for the last four years or so with two friends. We have around 780 subscribers right now, though the view-ratio is very mixed.
I don't mean to come off as a big advertisement, which is why I didn't spam our YouTube channel's name in the title of this thread. We do love to give an honest opinion on games, and we've done plenty of videos on indie-games before where we received some good comments from the game's creator, which inspired me to start this thread.
All three of us our aspiring game-developers and/or experienced programmers, so I do think we are in a good position to provide feedback.

Before you send in your game's download-link, I do have to warn you that we do poke fun at the games we play a little bit. This is all in good fun and we still provide an honest review towards the end of the video.

Link to the channel:

Hope to hear from you guys soon! I'm also available through private messages, if this is preferred.

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