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DarkBASIC Discussion / Help with importing model

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Joined: 14th Oct 2016
Posted: 14th Oct 2016 08:12
I am pretty new to DarkBASIC and need help with importing a model. I used 3DS Max 7 to construct and texture it. I then export it to a .3DS file, which DarkBASIC can recognize. The problems is when I import the arms (the model that I made) are revered. eg. The left arm is in a griped position instead of the right one. So I reloaded the model in 3DS and reflected if over the y axis(so in max it appears that the left hand is now griped istead of the right like its supposed to) hoping this would reverse the mistake in DarkBASIC like it reversed in Max. I reloaded it and the exact same thing happened. The left hand is still griped. Someone please help me! Could it have something to do with Max's Texture coordinates? I'm totally lost.

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