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Windows / INNO Setup installer: (Scripts - Direct X9c silent install) or (How to distribute your game with an installer that sets up DirectX9c support files - "Automatically".)

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Posted: 14th Nov 2016 19:52

I am new here so I don't know if this was covered. I searched and found nothing....This is becoming a must!!!

I have been trying to figure out how to create an install file for finished GG games that "silently" installs DirectX9c into a system like Windows 10.
It's not very practical to give a created game out to someone and have them complain it's not working even when you include DirectX9c support files and clearly tell them
to manually install them. Especially, when they think Windows 10 is backward compatible and SHOULD support versions of DirectX9c and on.

I have been looking at INNO and NSIS. (Free) There are no CLEAR instructions to do Direct X9C silent install + GG Standalone Install file on the net so I am asking if anyone here knows how to do this.

If you do, please post/upload a working script sample here or make a link.

I really wish the GG engine would update to a more current version of Direct X soon or even consider OpenGL support.


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