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DarkBASIC Discussion / Saving a type array

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Posted: 17th Nov 2016 11:12
Hey guys, don't know how active the DarkBasic community is these days but I find that DB is literally the best language ever to make a text based game which AppGameKit doesn't provide or at least is VERY limited due to not having console input etc...

on the question:

I've found myself in need of saving an array of types which i've named objects.
the follow is the type code:

next up is the AddObject function which simply adds a text item into an array:

and lastly, is the PrintObjects function which will simply display the name of each item within an array.

when I run the code, my error is:
Quote: " Runtime Error 54 - Array type is invalid at line 234 "

I know that doesn't mean or help much but maybe i'm wrong. Cheers!

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