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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Material Generator for Advanced Lighting

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Posted: 19th Nov 2016 08:58 Edited at: 19th Nov 2016 09:08
Hey AL users, thought of sharing what I just wrote. It is a small utility that generates material file for Advanced Lighting if you're using that method. It is still a work in progress so I plan to improve on it as I work on my small demos and if possible a few small games.

Right now it only supports single texture models, so basically if you would like to generate a material file for your model with normal mapping and detail mapping

matgen mymodelname -n -t

You can place the executable in your windows or some folder where you execute global executables, then open a console prompt where your model resides then run the example above. It will detect and generate the path starting from the Objects/ folder of your Advanced Lighting installation.

You can download it here in my new blog, where I'm starting to document and post more of my own DB stuff, findings and small projects.

Material Generator for Advanced Lighting

Check Out My DarkBasic Blog and Resource!

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