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Joined: 20th May 2009
Location: Oklahoma City OK (USA)
Posted: 10th Dec 2016 16:05 Edited at: 10th Dec 2016 16:06
Dear DBPro community,

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback and assistance with the software I attempted to release in Feb. 2015 called "TOWER CAB". After lots of testing, examinations, SPECT brain scans, it has been recently discovered I suffered a brain injury on 8/27/2014 from a motorcycle wreck I was involved in. By the release date of 2/15/2015, I was showing signs of what is called "executive dysfunction" from an injury to the frontal and prefrontal cortex of my brain. Symptoms include difficulty in concentration, decision-making, reasoning, short term memory and distraction. It has taken this long to finally determine what the heck has been going on. I pulled TOWER CAB from the market due to my inability to correct problems with the code and/or the installation. Part of the damage has impaired my ability to learn and recall new information.

Now that this has been discovered, a treatment plan has been implemented to improve my intellectual functioning. Thank God! I thought I was going crazy!

I want to apologize for any comments made that were perceived as derogatory or insulting. That's another symptom, engaging in risky behavior.

The brain scan is shown looking up from below my brain. So the right side is the underside of the left frontal lobe. Those 2 holes that you can see should not be there. That indicates no blood flow or electrical activity. This is the damaged area.

Thanks for everyone's support and understanding.

Russell B. "Brad" Davis/Thrill Rider


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Chris Tate
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 11th Dec 2016 13:58
I remember the release of Tower Cab. There were some installation issues but I do not recall any bad comments or negativity; just a developer striving to put out the best possible product. I am deeply sorry to see this bad news and hope you get through this unfortunate situation in the best way possible.

Thanks for letting us all know.
Derek Darkly
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Posted: 14th Dec 2016 00:13 Edited at: 14th Dec 2016 00:37
My coworker lost both of his legs around 2007 when a teenager hit him on his motorcycle. And I don't mean they landed in the bushes and he couldn't find them, I mean they had to amputate, partly because he was diabetic. He also lost about 80-90% of his vision permanently.

My oldest brother wrecked with his girlfriend on the back of his bike and she did not survive. He didn't ride for years, but my 2 brothers still ride now and they are around 60 years old. My dad (born 1930) was hit head-on by a car in a Lexington, Kentucky intersection on his Indian Chief motorcycle and woke up on the doorstep of a diner, with the waitress holding a washcloth to his head. He was lucky.

I respect bikers and try to drive safe for their sake, and most ARE safe drivers.
This risk is up to them, but I don't think I will be owning anything more than my mountain bike.

Heck, I saw a car wreck just 2 hours ago, and the older I get the more I dislike automobiles in general.
There is no reward without risk, I suppose.

(For more of my philosophy and B.S. find me as DeReK DaRkLy on
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