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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Old Darkbasic pro game on windows 10?

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Joined: 25th Dec 2016
Posted: 25th Dec 2016 10:08
Hey guys/gals today I have an issue you see there's a game I wanna play this game I downloaded but the problem is for some reason every time I wanna launch the game up it keeps saying "Darkbasic pro project has stopped working" can anyone help me solve this issue? p.s. the game was made in 2008 or 2009
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
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Posted: 26th Dec 2016 16:14 Edited at: 26th Dec 2016 16:15
If it worked previously, the windows 10 system is usually missing either the June 2010 directx 9.0c, or the mscvr71.dll mscvp71.dll redistributables.

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