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Windows / AGK2 Tier 2 keyboard problem solution needed?

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Posted: 17th Jan 2017 08:06
I am new here as I bought AGK2 on Steam and trying create game in Tier 2 in C++ with VS 2015 and I encountered problem with keyboard.

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I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms
You can check 2d animated videos one of my work.

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Posted: 17th Jan 2017 21:54
Quote: " I encountered problem with keyboard."

Do not expect any help if you do not describe the problem and post a code snippet
so we can see what you are doing wrong.
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Posted: 18th Jan 2017 22:02
Quote: "I encountered problem with keyboard"
Then don't put it in the toaster! Oh... what? A different problem?... What Stab in the Dark said.

Need more info, otherwise your post just looks like a spammy attempt to get a free backlink to advids.
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