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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Can those who are using the unofficial FPS creator updates give us a review of them?

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Joined: 30th Aug 2010
Posted: 26th Jan 2017 09:55
Can those who are using the unofficial FPS creator updates give us a review of them?

Even though I have been using FPS creator (classic) for many years I have not used any of the unofficial updates that are offered through the FPS creator classic forum. I have only used the official updates. Due to issues arising from the updates from version 1.17 and above I have had to retrograde to version 1.16 to resolve those issues. Those issues were animated decals and dynamic entities falling to the floor of the scene. As well as the spawn delay being made unusable. Even though the official updates from 1.17 and above had numerous improvements in performance as well as graphics improvements they did not outweigh the issues they created. I was wondering if any of the unofficial updates ever resolved those issues.

I would appreciate reviews of fellow users using the unofficial updates. I would like to know which version of the unofficial updates you are using and what your experience is with them. I would like to know what the performance and graphics improvements you found to be most beneficial. I would also like to know what issues you might have encountered.

I would also like to know the experience you had when installing the unofficial update. It would also be helpful telling too many reading this thread if you are using a tower, desktop or laptop and which version of Windows you are using. Thoughtful and constructive comments and suggestions for getting the most use from the update you are using would be beneficial to me and other users. Your comments and opinions would be beneficial to many as well as to me.

Best regards to all.
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Posted: 26th Jan 2017 11:08
bossisly As I recall I found V1.18 and up most stable. I'm using V1.20 now with Back ice mod V10
I have not had any problems, crashes yet using it. The performance and graphics improvements
are listed on the Black ice thread. I have win7, AMD quad @3.2 ghz & GTX260. I get a steady +70fps.
You should know how/what changes maybe necessary in your setup.ini.
I am most happy with it's stability & performance. Better light mapping and build times.

Quote: "dynamic entities falling to the floor of the scene"

Sounds like they are not set to "is immobile" in the properties setting.
Quote: "spawn delay being made unusable"

It's use mostly if you intend to have the same entity spawned again
after the first has been destroyed (as in a character ) or an entity has been picked up by player.
Read thru the FPSC manual, it give clear instructions on how to use. A little tricky but does work
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...
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Joined: 30th Aug 2010
Posted: 26th Jan 2017 14:32
Thank you for replying. The issues that I have had has been resolved by retro grading back to version 1.16. Many of the dynamic entities and decals that had the issues with the official updates 1.17 and above were created by CosmicProphet. His creations were not the only ones that were affected by the later updates.

As for the spawn delay the entity would spawn halfway through the ceiling of the segment. This occurred on the first spawn. It was frustrating and it was still somewhat amusing seeing a pair of legs sticking in through the ceiling as the entity was firing at the player. That issue was also resolved with the retro grade. It also resolved the issues with the scripts created with Textease. It also resolved issues with wall furniture that welded to the wall that fell to the floor during the test mold.

I believe the issues was a result of the device manufactured was incompatible with the software. Don’t laugh this does happen. From what I have read from articles a few years back the experts have no idea on why some software will work perfectly on a device from one manufacturer and will not work correctly on a device from a different manufacturer. The Game Creators apparently are aware of this because on the page they offer the official updates on they recommend if an up date does not work correctly they recommend that the user should retrograde to a previous update.

The intent of this thread is for the exchange of information for the unofficial updates for FPS creator classic. It is my opinion that sense FPS creator classic has gone open source that there are far more new users now and such an exchange of information will help them to make a more informed decision in choosing an update for their game creation application.

To all my best regards.

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