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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / HDM Redux ULTRA

themegapolice 96
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Joined: 17th Oct 2013
Location: Argentina
Posted: 27th Jan 2017 03:50 Edited at: 27th Jan 2017 03:52
Hi, I use google transducer xD
This game is a redux version of a redux version so to speak.
It would be level 6 of a redux version, but with improved effects and bigger map.
It is a single level where you have to kill enemies without goals.
I tried to have the best possible visual appearance, activating several post effcets and lots of lighting.

The game is a single level that lasts 5 minutes and nothing more.
It is only one level because the map is quite large and has many objects, maybe then make a version with more levels and fewer objects so that the game does not crash so many times.
I do not have the download link yet, but for the next few days I'll have it.
Hope you like the project, see you later!
Epidemic Software
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Joined: 29th Jan 2016
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Posted: 8th Feb 2017 07:39 Edited at: 8th Feb 2017 07:39
I kinda like the design, that's very original and if I may say, never before seen in a FPSC-created game. Keep it up !

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