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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Lift switch problem

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Joined: 23rd Dec 2016
Posted: 31st Jan 2017 21:48 Edited at: 31st Jan 2017 21:51
Hello, everyone ...

I've got a problem here .. I put a switch in a level and made it use "switch.fpi" as a MAIN script (It uses alternative texture ,not animation ) and then put a lift platform (once using the lift base in the segment SciFi library and once using merely the entity from the SciFi entity library) then I assigned the lift as the IFUSED entity of the switch ...

Now, I assigned "lift1.fpi" as the MAIN FPI file for the lift, which is supposed to make it work when the player steps on it and also COMES TO THE PLAYER WHEN GETS CALLED (I.E. GETS ACTIVATED BY THE SWITCH BY CHANGING ITS ACTIVATION VALUE TO 1).

The lift works well when it comes to the main basic function (comes up and down when the player steps on it) but it does NOT answer the call when I use the switch. I checked the scripts and everything should work well but still the lift just stops in its place and doesn't come to the player ....

These are the files (the switch is on the right wall when you enter the main building and you will find the elevator opposite to you .. of course that's not a game I am designing ,I was just testing things around hehe ):

Here's the map file:

And Here is the full compiled version (used TerrorStrike preset) :

The two scripts "lift1.fpi" and "switch.fpi" are the ones that are already included with FPS Creator
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 31st Jan 2017 22:23
Hi KingMassen
A quick search gave me a link to a working script & test map.
Tested it and works good.
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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