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3 Dimensional Chat / Some questions about MyWorld and feature requests

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Posted: 4th Mar 2017 18:17
I just purchased the 4 pack early steam access of this.I had some questions on this product as well as some possible requests for it...


1) What does the 4 pack consist of?
2) Are any of the worlds that we create exportable in any way to your other products such as Game Guru or AppGameKit?
3) Can we import from AppGameKit or Game Guru?
4) We have a marketplace for Game Guru. Any chance we can obtain extra items from a community created objects for sale via a marketplace?
5) I know the kickstarter funding didn't succeed, but how many of the stretch goals will be reached or developed? (EG: mobile support, etc..)
6) As this is built in Unity, is it possible that we can run the engine or app from a browser rather than download and install it?
7) This whole concept sounds very similar to SecondLife, but more fun and intuitive. But this costs money to maintain the server, Is there going to be a monthly fee for us?
8) I see there is a Sci-Fi elements for this and medieval elements. Any chance on modern elements or cowboy/desert elements as well?
9) Do you have a preview of what the Sci-Fi elements will contain?

Feature Requests:

1) Any chance we can charge players to enter our worlds or games? Something like, we charge someone for access, you take 30%. Basically using an internal payment gateway developed by yourselves? Gives us the ability to make cash and for you to earn off of that cash.
2) Similar to your object connector and your car designer, can we have a character creator which snaps together and we can then adjust textures, size, colors and switch between different facial and body details. Perhaps even add tails, ears, antennas, fur, claws(feet and hands), extra hands, etc..

Thanks in advance!
The Next
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Posted: 7th Mar 2017 18:23
I suggest you post your questions on the Steam forums there are no forums on this site for MyWorld and product support isn't handled here are this is for other TGC products.
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Alex Deef
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Posted: 27th Mar 2017 16:31
Good idea - agree with this.

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