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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / FPS Engine (short gameplay demo)

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Posted: 25th Mar 2017 13:24

I've been developing an FPS engine with AppGameKit for a while now (previous demo thread : and have put together an updated demo to showcase some additional gameplay mechanics, and to test the engines performance on a range of devices.

This demo runs in two player splitscreen and requires at least one controller to play. The frame rate is displayed on screen and is locked to 60, which is hit 99% of the time on my Razer Forge TV and Samsung Galaxy S5, and I'd be grateful for any figures from additional devices.

Players can swim, sprint, jump, crouch, reload, aim down sight, and revive each other. The A.I. is barebones, but there are two enemy types, a key card, and pick ups for health and ammo. You can quit the demo from a pause menu, or by using the exit button at the end of the level. Entities and a faux-3D sound system have been carried over from my previous demo.

I've purchased the excellent GameGuru Loader for AppGameKit and downloaded FPSC-2-AGK, and am excited about the games I could create with this. I've already begun to prototype some ideas, including a four player deathmatch mode with radars.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and for taking the time to check this out.

Download (.apk) :

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