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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Premier Picks Football Manager

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Posted: 7th Apr 2017 21:16 Edited at: 7th Apr 2017 21:18
My latest AppGameKit game is now out in iTunes, Google Play and Amazon! It's a huge improvement on the original Premier Picks released in 2014 with loads of cool features!

Premier Picks Football Manager is a fun and addictive football card game. Packed with features, this game will have you playing at every opportunity to take your team to the top!

Game Modes:
Exhibition Match
Custom Tournament
Head to Head
Career Mode

Additional Features:
Online High Score Board
Editor (In-App Purchase to unlock)
Facebook Integration
International Management
Over 500 playable teams

Players need to pick cards to create chances and score the goals to take your team to glory! There's penalties, fouls, tackles and more to keep the match entertaining, and also the 'Random Reveals' can be used to give your team the edge!

Game Modes:
Exhibition Match - A friendly between two teams, going to Extra Time and Penalties if required
Custom Tournament - Create your own tournament for up to 64 teams, with group stages and knockout rounds.
Head to Head - Play 90 min matches against friends and family, storing all your stats, including number of 'Series' wins and losses. Each 'Series' is first to 5 wins.
Career Mode - With playable leagues from 6 European countries (In-App purchase required to unlock all leagues), this is your chance to take your team to domestic and European glory! Do well with your club, and you might get offered to manage an International team, with the chance of leading them to major honours!

Additional Features:
Online High Score Board - This let's you see how your Career compares to others around the World, with the Top 50 managers shown!
Editor (In-App Purchase to unlock) - The inbuilt Editor allows you to Edit teams, including colours and logos. Their is also an Excel version to allow mass editing offline and then load it into your app! You can even download online zip files full of club logos and background images to use in the game!
Facebook Integration - Just took your hometown team and turned them into a European footballing giant? Why not post it on Facebook and let your friends and family know about it! Every time you win a trophy or Head to Head Series you can share it on Facebook straight from the app.

So what are you waiting for? Download this fun and addictive football game today!

El Presidente


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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 8th Apr 2017 06:05
Sounds great! Can you send the links? Cheers
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Posted: 17th Apr 2017 20:06
nice simple game, rated for you.
if you're going to continue with it i would suggest a few improvements;
1. penalty's are hard to score (especially if you trigger one early), they already have a very low chance to trigger (which is good) so making them have a higher chance to score would be more realistic.
2. "chance"/shooting results in general seem completely random... maybe this could be opened up more in the teams experience so you have something to work towards in career mode if staying with the same team?
2.b. also multiple passes could increase the success rate of chances so putting 4 passes together = high chance to score while a straight out chance card has a low chance to score).
3. the reveal cards are really shuffled and not random, while this is nicely done it does let you actually follow the card if you have a good eye for this sort of thing... perhaps speeding up the entire "animation" for this sequence will fix it and also make it less time consuming to watch it every match.

the career in general could do with some more feeling of progression but just having a team exp and/or manager exp would be good.
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Posted: 7th May 2017 21:04
Thanks for checking it out smallg!

Great feedback, I'm working on an update to be out in the next week or two that will address some of your feedback.

1. Penalties I'm working on a kind of 3 card monte mini game to find a goal, so if you have a good eye for it, you'll score a lot more often and even if you don't it's a 1 in 3 which is better than the existing method.
2. This is a tricky thing - in the old version, I didn't have chance cards, just goal cards and it let to the good computer teams scoring too often, so now the good teams get more chances than the lesser teams and therefore score more than the lesser teams. For the user, it's just about playing the game and getting as many chance cards as possible to try and score. It set to "Easy" mode, you can sometimes get a random reveal of the goal cards instead of just chance cards. The chance cards are actually fixed as goal, miss or save cards, it's not something that is worked out every time you select a chance card.
2.b. 4 passes get a chance, and then it's actually weighted towards a goal card so you have a better chance of it being a goal than trying to find a goal card. I've thought about some sort of accumulating score during the match, i.e. the more chances and passes you have in total without scoring, you could then have a more likely chance to score (i.e. it points to chance cards that are goals). Maybe for the next version (if I do one!)
3. I like the random reveals as most times I can follow it to get the 8. Maybe in the next version I can add an option to just turn off the shuffle if the user prefers
4. Career - I've added in the XP points so you can see your score progressing season on season as you move up through the leagues or to a more difficult league. Plus you can try and get a top international job by doing well domestically. Ultimately you want to win trophies with your team, and the way the game engine works, you can be successful with a small team or a big team, just depends if you want to work up from the lower leagues.

Thanks again for playing!

El Presidente
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Posted: 8th May 2017 21:42
used to love this game on the Amiga, will give it a go

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