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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Where do I start?

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2014
Posted: 9th Apr 2017 00:24
I just downloaded Dark Basic Pro after a rough time learning how to program in other different languages. I need to figure things or from scratch. I'm sure many links here are dead anyway. I don't have time or money to find a book yet, but what are recommended areas to begin?

I'm trying to pick a good first language and developed analysis paralysis in the process.
Derek Darkly
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Posted: 10th Apr 2017 23:10

Most of the information on the forums is still very valid and useful.
The Newcomers forum doesn't get as many visitors as the regular DBP forum, hence the delayed response.

Don't be paralyzed... just think of your learning as a series of questions... "how do i do this? how do i do that?"

If the help section (F1) in the editor leaves you stumped, just search the forums or ask for specifics here!
A better way to search may be on google ( your text here)

Keep asking questions, and you'll keep getting answers. Answers are much better than questions!
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Posted: 14th Apr 2017 05:35
dbpro will teach the basics but it can also spoil that crap out of you id honestly suggest java as a first language since it is actually usefull for many things and can be used in a career field plus it will be easier to transition to other languages.
The dbpro forums are not dead and there are usually a few active members on at any time all willing to help. Id rssomend starting with text or 2d for now and minimal art until you master the basics. pong is a good teacher for basic programming. all you need is in the help files and and the forums.
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