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Work in Progress / 100% FREE Open-Source AppGameKit 2 Game Project - Use It For Your Own!

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Joined: 15th Mar 2017
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Posted: 11th May 2017 18:38

Full AppGameKit 2 project with full source code and all resources can be downloaded below:

HTML5 version of the APK2 game can be played immediately in your Internet browser below:

You can view, use, and or modify any part of this APK2 video game project free of charge, it's open-source!

Here are screenshots of the game:
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Video Game Design Studio
Open-Source AppGameKit2 Project!
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Posted: 12th May 2017 11:02
This is a duplicate post of this:

This kind of posting isn't good forum etiquette. Firstly, it could seem a bit "spammy" and actually put people off trying your game! It's also confusing, because replies get scattered, instead of being contained in one logical thread. Sometimes, less is more!
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