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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Build game Runtime error

arrojar entidad y que explote
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Joined: 3rd Jan 2015
Posted: 1st Jun 2017 14:45
Hi!! One query, I have version 10.5 of black ice and when I want to make a build game I get an error poster, runtime error. Any suggestion of how to fix that problem?
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
Location: Hendersonville,NC
Posted: 2nd Jun 2017 00:39
arrojar entidad In the "error box" does it give you a number, or any other indication of the cause?
Also you said this only happens when doing a build, correct? Not a test run.

In the "buildsetup.ini" try settings [GAMEDEBUG] exitpromptreport=1 & debugreport=1, and maybe the loadreport=1.
I have never used them for a build, but might give some insight when a build crashes
Like I said, I haven't used them yet, so not sure.
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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