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Music & Sound FX / Professional Sound Designer and Producer!

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Joined: 28th Jun 2017
Posted: 28th Jun 2017 02:03
Hello! I am new to the forums and I would first like to start off by introducing myself. I am Zorin aka Athena. I am a musician of 7 years and I love to produce various types of music from electronic to avant-garde pieces. I am currently seeking opportunities with game developers on this forum to make an immersive sound experience for your game! I will not be providing links to any of my works however as I would like to show you personally what I can do through skype, email, what have you. I can make anything from happy soundscapes to horrifying dark soundscapes (which Im pretty damn good at if I do say so myself but Ill let you decide that). I am currently trying to work my way through college as well as progressing my own setup here in my home. Dont worry though, I am not asking for an arm and a leg. If you like my work and decide to use it in your game then its no charge for the demo development. If it makes it to final stage drafts and gets put up for sale thats when I will ask for a set amount. However my prices do vary and Im quite flexible. So please. Send a message or ask a few questions about what it is I do and what Im passionate about and lets see what we can do for your game!

Game on developers, game on!


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Joined: 24th Jul 2017
Posted: 26th Jul 2017 07:07
Hello, I need a composer for my game. But I want to ask, can you make music for WW2 Games? And my game will be free, so... no charge right? But I'll consider donating in the future if you help me
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