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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Questions on Possibilities of FPS Creator Classic

Blue Hatter
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Joined: 27th Jul 2017
Posted: 27th Jul 2017 08:33
Hello! As you can probably see I'm completely new here but I've been looking at FPS Creator for a few years now. I've never used it but I've been wanting to try it out, and I'm finally getting to doing it, even if it is a bit late. But I have a few questions regarding the program and the possibilities of it...

First of all, is it possible to use 2D sprites instead of 3D models, like in the original Doom FPS game? I imagine them being used for enemies, the player weapons, and maybe some of the static decorations. Is this possible in FPS Creator Classic?

And secondly, is there a way to create text boxes in the game for characters to "talk" and help drive the story along? Going along with this, if it is possible to make text boxes, can there also be text boxes that allow the player to select different lines of text to act as responses to what another character might be saying?

I was just wondering if any of this is possible with this program. Thank you for your time!

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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 27th Jul 2017 11:59
Hi Blue Hatter, and welcome
Quote: "is it possible to use 2D sprites instead of 3D models"

Yes kinda in a way, a few members tried using sprites/decals on a "flat" like plane and the results were not
very good. So the idea never progressed. And remember, the rest of the environment is still 3d it just
didn't look good in the end. But don't let that stop you from trying, you may come up with something
not done yet that works
Quote: "create text boxes in the game for characters to "talk" and help drive the story along"

Absolutely, fpsc if perfect for that. Do a search on "text based stories" " conversation scripts" or
something similar. A member by the name "The Storyteller 01" did a lot of scripts just for this type
of game play. Here's a link to one of his threads...
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Posted: 27th Jul 2017 12:14
You forgot to replace the stock parts of the texture.

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