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Raspberry Pi / Maybe 90 days for this forum are to short?

FPSC Reloaded TGC Backer
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Joined: 17th Apr 2007
Location: Berlin
Posted: 21st Aug 2017 11:08
In most of the threads I see some things, I also figured out or have questions, but mostly of them are later than 90 days and have only one post.
So in this section is it a little bit complecated, to discuss something, because of the 90 days "lock".

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Joined: 12th Sep 2011
Location: Bergen, Norway
Posted: 26th Aug 2017 10:34
Well, if you do not ask, you're guaranteed not to get an answer...

The lock is for 90 days of inactivity I think - not since OP. To prevent gravedigging I assume

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