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Raspberry Pi / Data output from the game

Sr Bull
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Joined: 6th Jul 2017
Posted: 8th Sep 2017 22:45
Hello good folks,

I'm relatively new with AGK. Already finished my first small project.

I'm wondering if there is ANY way to create a simple data output (score, player name, etc) from the game to be readen by a python program. As far i've not been able to read the .txt files outputs with any external program.
Also, is there any way to execute or send info to an external program?

I hope there is a better solution than creating a serial protocol to communicate using hardware ._.

Context: I'm trying to make an arcade machine and I need the data to be printed.

If you can give me any idea, it will be greately apreciated. Thank you.
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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
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Posted: 9th Sep 2017 22:34
You can use the http commands to send data to a web server. Then, it's up to you what you do with the data once it's arrived.
I have used a PHP script and MySQL to create high score tables, it's quite easy.
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Sr Bull
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Joined: 6th Jul 2017
Posted: 11th Sep 2017 17:18
Good to know that is possible, unfortunately, I am more into electronics than professional programming.
I know nothing about databases, php or sql and I'm pretty sure the machine will be offline most of the time.
I know it's a horrendous idea, but i'll start working on a simple hardware serial protocol until there is a better suggestion.
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