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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Mirrors/Reflections?

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Joined: 29th Dec 2016
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Posted: 9th Sep 2017 15:42
Hello, i have a question, can you put mirrors/reflections in FPSC?, if you can, how do you do it?, thank you.
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Joined: 29th Jan 2016
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Posted: 9th Sep 2017 17:32 Edited at: 9th Sep 2017 17:32
Either by using an opaque cubemap or real-time reflections from Black Ice Mod, but the latter is very taxing on resources.
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Posted: 9th Sep 2017 22:53
BIM's mirror effect is pretty cool. However, the main problem is that there is no player's body shown in the mirror. Also, it is very possible for the FPS to go down drastically. I have a very large level. In fact, that "thin white" line at the bottom of the screen goes all the way across the screen. There's good reason. My level takes more than 2 gb of memory. In fact it's 2800+ gb of memory. If BIM did not allow for an extra 2 gb to build (you have to turn the cap off) I would not be using it. I have already tried more than 3 gigs and it works so I imagine the cap is probably now at 4 gb. Back to the FPS. I put the mirror in this level and my FPS went from 50 to 1 7. Now that's pretty obvious.

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Joined: 3rd Jan 2015
Posted: 10th Sep 2017 01:12
Hello, here I leave you a video with your download link to the mirror script. I hope it serves you

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