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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Game won't show shadows or blood decals, other errors.

Tiago R²
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Joined: 31st Jul 2016
Posted: 25th Sep 2017 01:22

I've recently started making a game in FPSC. However, the more I look around the more it appears that features that were supposed to be "out-of-the-box" for some reason don't work.

First of all, there are no projected shadows, not even for static objects. All the options for lightmapping and shaders on the Preferences are on.

The table and bench are static and yet project no shadow.
I saw some youtube videos showing dynamic shadows, but no idea how to implement that. Still, even static shadows baked on the map would be good enough.

Second, no blood decals appear when hitting enemies. This really sucks because, coupled with the fact that the enemies in FPSC appear to not have any pain animations, there is just no feedback to the player that the enemy is being hit. It just sponges up shots until it dies, creating a terrible player experience.

Another problem is that pressing Enter during testing doesn't save the ambient light levels. I've seen another post talking about having changed files in the project, but even when starting a fresh new map, I have to use < and > to set the lightning every single time I run the test mode.

And finally, the shortcuts for screenshot and Reshade don't work as indicated. F12 takes screenshots (instead of F11 as mentioned on the Help) and I cant' find any key that deactivates shaders.
Mr Love
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Posted: 25th Sep 2017 13:50 Edited at: 25th Sep 2017 13:53
Hi Tiago R2 and welcome to the forum.

1. dynamic shadows are turned on in the .ini file, setting the value to "1"...
2. This is also the .ini file. Turn on blood on floors set to "1"..
3.You save the ambient lightning from the build game menu...
4. Deactivate shaders in the settings menu... (Hope thats what You mean)

Are You sure this isnt a lightmap settings problem? Set lightmap quality to 100 in the .ini file.
I wonder, what version of FPSC are You using?
I hope some of My help was valuble for You...
Tiago R²
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Joined: 31st Jul 2016
Posted: 26th Sep 2017 04:24
Hello! Thanks for the reply!

Just tested all your tips, let's get to it!

1. I didn't turn on dynamic shadows because the "setupdescription.txt" described it as "discontinued feature". But alas it worked, somewhat. However it made clear that there is something wrong with the lightmapping (which I followed setupinstructions and changed to 25 in the .ini). As you can see, the tub and the chair (which are dynamic) make sharp shadows (even though the chair's shadow is for some reason bugging and rendering over the chair). However, the stool and table make soft shadows.

2. About the blood, I believe I misspoke. I meant blood particles, I think. I want something visible to happen at the impact point of the shot so the player knows he got the hit. Maybe even an audio cue, is it possible?

3. I didn't find that option. Where in the build game window? It's the on-message screen during testing that says "press enter to save ambient light". I just assumed it did.

4. No, I mean that during testing, the big blue image from blackicemod with the keyboard plan and the Help text overlay in the editor both say that F11 was supposed to be screenshot and F12 enabled/disabled ReShade during testing. Instead, F12 screenshots and I can't find the reshade toggle anywhere, I tried all F keys.


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Posted: 26th Sep 2017 11:05
I don't play with dynamic lights much, but as for question #2 , if you look in the syntax list you will find "bloodspurt & bloodsplash"
These will add extra blood to an npc-charatcer when receiving damage.

As for extra audio when hit, you will have to add those to it's main script.

Now the rest of your questions, sounds like you have installed BlackIce mod?
When did these problems start? Right after installing BI? Have you tried a clean install?
No one has had any issues with the F keys before.
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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