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Raspberry Pi / Nothing happening after compilation

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Joined: 6th Oct 2017
Posted: 6th Oct 2017 13:53

I made a simple hello world code like in the video, but the app won't start after compilation (no error).
I'm programming on the Pi 3 with Stretch.

Do someone have the same problem?
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Joined: 9th Jun 2017
Posted: 6th Oct 2017 19:22
Hey Mickrosoft74,

This issue has already been reported and resolved under the "Apps no longer run in Raspbian Stretch " thread below yours. In a nutshell the problem appears to be due to the new experimental OpenGL drivers in Raspbian "Stretch" interfering with AGK2. The solution is to turn off the drivers by going into raspi-config and switching back to "Legacy", then rebooting. Don't worry about slow frame rates in AGK2, because according to Paul from TheGameCreators's team it calls the Broadcom OpenGL drivers directly in the GPU and doesn't use Raspbian's. I've recently tested this out and all the Demos in AGK2 are Compiling/Running/Opening fine again.

Take care now,

Darin Murphy

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