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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Bond1 Shader Help!

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Posted: 10th Oct 2017 14:12 Edited at: 10th Oct 2017 15:38
Hello everyone! Recently I have been tinkering with creating shadermaps for the Bond1 shader with unified dynamic lighting for static geometry for a map of mine. These shaders are currently edited by Nomad Soul. Although there is a PBR version of it by uzi idiot, it seems a bit too performance taxing for me. But the thing is, using the shader, segments appear alright when viewed from above, horizontally and when the player is near it. But when viewed from above it appears black. Let me explain it to you via pictures.

The segment -

The segment when I go further (the area brightens up) -

The ceiling -

Spotflash working fine -

Segment with dynamic lighting -

Segment with a gigantic static light source in the middle -

A few more examples -

PS -

The shadermaps are for the urban segment from model pack 16.


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Posted: 10th Oct 2017 16:53
I've asked Uzi Idiot how to fix this annoyance, several months ago, here's what you have to do :

Uzi Idiot wrote: "
It's probably the skylighting value in the floor shader

//hemisphere lighting simulation
float HemisphereLight = 1 ;
float4 sky = lerp(0.5, 1, Nb.g);

Increasing the 0.5 will make the underside brighter"

Internet Thug.

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