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Music & Sound FX / Need EPIC music for your games? Experienced composer looking for a game music debut

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Joined: 14th Oct 2017
Posted: 14th Oct 2017 08:20
-I have 20+ years experience of playing guitar in bands and in electronic music. I started on Amiga Trackers in nineties, nowadays I work on modern DAWs and virtual instruments.
-25+ years experience as a gamer. Started on NES, currently into both indie and AAA games on PC, retro classics across most platforms and some WiiU gems.
-Good understanding of what makes good game music, and how music can make good game a GREAT game
-Some experience in making my own games ands levels with simple game editor tools
-Experience and understanding of various genres ranging from extreme metal to classical music, ambient, chiptune, medieval, cinematic, EPIC
-Good communication and team work skills, respect deadlines, pride in quality work

My dream project would probably be doing music for fantasy/sci-fi/action/adventure themed game. I'm a huge fan for classic PC soundtracks like Heroes 3, Diablo 2, Fallout 2, Star/Warcraft. Some more modern favorites include Mass Effect series, Halo and Skyrim.
I can also do some great nes/chiptune/retro stuff if needed, since that's the soundtrack of my childhood anyway

please check out my demo reel:

If you are interested in some different genre not presented in my demo, please send me a message so I can check if I have anything interesting for you to listen

contact :

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