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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Shader Pack question

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Joined: 21st Oct 2015
Location: Lisbon
Posted: 6th Nov 2017 21:55
Does any one knows if this AppGameKit shader pack can work on Dark Basic Pro?
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Joined: 25th Jun 2009
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Posted: 8th Nov 2017 08:39
definitely NO.
DBPro = DirectX = HLSL (shader language),
AGK = OpenGL (ES) = GLSL (shader language)
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Joined: 25th Feb 2008
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Posted: 10th Nov 2017 15:34
It can't work with DBPro from the box.
But you can convert it from GLSL to HLSL.
In such simple shaders syntax will be much similar. (such as vec4 = float4 )
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Joined: 10th Nov 2008
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Posted: 15th Nov 2017 14:41 Edited at: 15th Nov 2017 14:41
Yes you could translate the shaders from GLSL to HLSL also AGK's syntax isn't pretty far from DBpro so translating the lib is also possible.
Not sure if I will translate it to HLSL and DBpro in the future...but better don't count on me for the translation, as AppGameKit support comes first

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