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Work in Progress / Search Partner WIP

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Joined: 4th Jun 2016
Posted: 26th Nov 2017 17:37 Edited at: 27th Nov 2017 17:13
hey guys, I've been working lately on a free searching application.
Basically its a Search assistant program that helps you to find stuff over the internet, fast and easy.
its a Console app, where you only type commands.

I've made it inside Delphi with Pascal language.

and i wondering if you guys find it helpful to use.

so far, i was programming it to watch/find episodes of OnePiece and Boruto (as a start)
i will add torrent finding, gallery downloader and more..

if you guys see any potential in this app, tell me because i want to know if its worth my time.
so far, i use it my self and slowly implementing new stuff inside.

if you guys have any suggestions or new ideas what should i add next;
like file finder, some sort of downloader or whatever actually. the possibilities are unlimited lol

of course all the data is never stored on the PC, all the links are displayed as they are so no copyrights issues at all.

also, here is some ideas that i might add to the program sooner or later;
please tell me if one of those stuff got your interest.

- be able to list all IO games, play any games quick and easy
- get latest news from websites by entering category name
- launch local apps; like music player, video player, notepad
- search for torrents/download torrent files
- also was thinking of using this app for presentations; i can store all pdfs inside the exe, then when u run the app; just type "open pdf1" to start presenting. i think this idea could be very useful..


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Years of Service
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Joined: 4th Jun 2016
Posted: 2nd Dec 2017 14:17 Edited at: 2nd Dec 2017 14:23
hello all. i understand people not actually understand whats that application for or how exactly it works..
but here i added some new stuff and provided a video to show how exactly it works and how useful this is..

added new stuff:
- play/list all the favorite IO games
- added gallery downloader, only one website is supported cuz it has no copyrights..


all the commands are attached..


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