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Dark GDK / Who is still using GDK?

TGC Development Director
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Joined: 27th Apr 2000
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 6th Dec 2017 13:17
Hi, I am looking to spring clean the forums in early 2018. Is this board still relevant to anyone? TGC are now focusing on AppGameKit and so we'd like to make the forums more about that engine and have these older DarkBasic ones in an Archive area. Please let me know your thoughts.

Development Director
TGC Team
Bored of the Rings
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Joined: 25th Feb 2005
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Posted: 12th Dec 2017 08:41
I use C++ and sometimes GDK for speedy development but don't frequent this thread very often.
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Joined: 1st Dec 2002
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Posted: 14th Dec 2017 13:50
Hi Rick,

For me this forum is still a valuable source of DGDK tips, links, and code samples, and the only place to look for them.

What does it means "in an Archive area"? Will we be able to query the existing posts?

I understand that AppGameKit is the focus now, but there is an up to date DGDK version for VS2017, and I'm going to migrate my project, which had released the latest version last year.

Also, I now for certain that there are some other DGDK users around.

If any problem arises during migration for me or for other users, we will have no place to talk about it.

Furthermore, if anyone updates DGDK again, there will be no forum to announce it.

Perhaps there could be a new section in the forum for legacy products, and this one could be included there.

Just my thoughts and wills. I rather prefer the forum to remain opened, if possible.

Planning to use DGDK until it doesn't run on windows.


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Joined: 23rd May 2009
Location: Russia
Posted: 18th Dec 2017 17:37
I use DarkGDK with VS2017. I'm writing a game, but very slowly, because busy with the main job.
I'm used to the DarkGDK, and plan to use the DarkGDK in the following years.
This forum is the source of valuable knowledge and tips, I agree with Morcilla in his every word.
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2009
Posted: 26th Dec 2017 16:39
I am still using DarkGDK and DarkBasicPro so, please don't get rid of the forums for Dark products.
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Joined: 3rd Sep 2017
Location: Ghetto of NJ
Posted: 19th Jan 2018 22:04
I still use it and wish other API were as simple to use as DarkGDK is. It shows that its possible to make C++ graphics simple yet seems no other API is designed with such ease of use in mind.
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Joined: 16th Oct 2013
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Posted: 20th Jan 2018 10:58
Currently working on quite a large project in DarkGDK. It would be quite a loss if this forum gets archived.
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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 9th Mar 2018 08:45
@Sedit - SFML, SDL and Urho3D come to mind.
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Mr Bigglesworth
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Joined: 4th Mar 2008
Posted: 5th Apr 2018 21:51
I still check into this forum from time to time, wouldn't want to see it go away completely.
The Tall Man
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Joined: 16th Nov 2013
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Posted: 25th Apr 2018 02:54
For now, I do still work with Dark GDK, and do occasionally check the board here also. My role seems to be more answering than asking questions, however I would like the board to continue. If you're wanting to clean up and modernize the forum, what about creating an auxiliary forum for the older topics? I have, in times past, checked very old forums, when needed, and I feel that nothing should ever be destroyed, including the opportunity to ask a question about something.
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Joined: 1st Dec 2002
Location: Spain
Posted: 27th Apr 2018 13:53
I must agree, thanks TGC for keeping this forum opened.

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