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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / need help using wiimote in dbpro

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Joined: 28th Jul 2016
Posted: 28th Dec 2017 17:48
hi again,
i have problems with the existing wiimote plugins.
i use dolphinbar to connect the wiimote to my pc, which works fine, but i am open to other suggestions.
please, somebody help me getting the motion sensor data into dbpro.

here is what i found so far: <- does not work with the dolphinbar. it seems like it expect the wiimote to be called "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" but the dolphinbar registers as "Mayflash Wiimote PC Adapter" <- this one tries to download a "wii.dll" but it doesn't exist anymore, so i cannot test it. <- this one is the only one that works, but it's unfinished. looking at the functions inside the dll it seems like most of them are managed .net c++ code (or something) and i don't think that i can call them from dbpro.
this one gives me the most hopes, if someone can write a wrapper, or teach me how to call the functions using dbpro.

thank you very much.
"It is only slightly easier than changing all sugar in a cake into stevia after it has already been baked" -Bisqwit

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