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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / This is how my AGK games performed on steam the last few months.

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2017
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Posted: 14th Jan 2018 12:00 Edited at: 14th Jan 2018 12:08
Not sure if this topic belongs here but seemed relevant.

I've had two games on steam for 3 months, so how did they do? I wont post finance info as I dont think steam likes that but both games recouped their $100 submittion fee in the first week. I'll be getting my first payment this month and lets just say I wont be quiting working, I wont be paying off my mortgage, I wont be buying a car, I wont be buying a 60" 4k HDR TV, but I might buy a Nintendo Swich.

The Spikes you see on the graphs are the Steam sale periods, I did no marketing of these games just put them on Steam and let it run.

Santa's Workshop
Released: October 22nd (on sale for 84 days)
Dev time: ~4 weeks
Money spent: $400 ($100 submission fee, ~$300 art and sound)

Total visits (users who visited my store page)
Total: 71,937
Mean: 841\day

Total impressions (number of time my game appeared in searchs or recommended results)
Total: 1,165,062
Mean: 13,533\day

Super boxman
Released: Novemember 11th (on sale for 64 days)
Dev time: ~4 days
Money spent: $100 (submission fee)

Total visits (users who visited my store page)
Total: 91,735
Mean: 1,433\day

Total impressions (number of times my game appeared in search or recommended results)
Total: 1,196,239
Mean: 18,691\day

So there you have it, from my experience Steam is still a good platform with far more footfall than other other platform, you'll still need something special to get rich but at-least a good number of people get to see you game *ahem* google play *ahem.
Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Posted: 14th Jan 2018 12:24 Edited at: 14th Jan 2018 12:26
I think you have to tailor apps for mobiles a lot more.
Like reward adds to get ingame stuff and timers to refresh banners durng gameplay.
When i did this so did i get 0.25 us dollars more per day with only 10 users on my latest app.
and yes it havent bin up for so long and is very simple
I dont market anything on goggle play but still experimenting wath gets more downloads..
But where a positiv impact compared to the other test apps i uploaded.
I estimate i will get better downloads when my games are better
My latest test app seams to work somebit...

A question for you..
how do you get your trailers to show on goggle play on computers..
mine only show on mobiles?
i will only show the link i use...

should i use the embedd option in the store settings on play consol?

And congrats on getting some money
I only earn about 15-25 us dollars a month on my channel and apps.
Android 2.3 , ZTE Skate , 480x800 , 800 mhz , Samsung Galaxy Y , 240x320 , 832 mhz , Sony ericson arc 480x854 , 1 ghz
Android 4.0 , Dmtech 3g 9738B , 1024x768 , 9.7 inches , 1.2 ghz
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Posted: 16th Jan 2018 15:43
Not sure as to the youtube question; been several years since I bothered the Android apps, in their entire existent, some ad support some paid I've made a little over $60 with my droid games, I'd take em down but I have to have at least $100 earned before I can take the money out, I'd give it another 4 years I should have $100 by then. when it comes to mobile even if you ignore the money getting people to install your app is almost impossible., I see it as a huge waste of time, frankly I get annoyed on behalf of developers who make apps for mobile cus' I know they're in for disappointment. Steam though I hope I've at least demonstrated that two very mediocre, run of the mill, nothing special games can get eye balls and even dollars... at least for now.
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Posted: 16th Jan 2018 17:47
The world is a big place and extensive for the games market.

Customers will/may just go - Oh not another tetris style game or lets move some rocks to get some gold type game

We have to be creative, different style to all the other apps out there - something that stands out from the crowd, something that everyone will enjoy the look of and play, perhaps a story to tell and all that jazz

Keep ya thinking caps on for the big bucks
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Joined: 22nd Jun 2017
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Posted: 18th Jan 2018 12:31
Like the passion but I honestly believe you could have the best game ever but unless you're lucky or have a mountain of cash to spend on marketing it doomed to fail on mobile.
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Joined: 20th Nov 2016
Posted: 21st Jan 2018 02:07
Damn, that's disappointing about google play. I am not a programmer, and have worked hard at learning AppGameKit, as well as, other programs(blender, GIMP, PHOTOSHOP).

About 6 months ago I really started to worry about google-play and the inability for amateur products to show up. To find out the guys who have way more experience than me can't even make a small amount is pretty disheartening. My hope was to make at least what I make currently and quit, which by no means is close to millionaire status.
DBPro Master
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Posted: 22nd Jan 2018 03:48
I mean, the mobile markets were already over saturated before agk was even a thing

A single player RPG featuring a branching, player driven storyline of meaningful choices and multiple endings alongside challenging active combat and intelligent AI.
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Joined: 7th Jan 2018
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Posted: 23rd Feb 2018 18:06
How long can you keep your game on steam for for 100 dollars.? Gonna have to try this.

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