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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / DBPro Maximum Code Limit?

Nomad Soul
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Joined: 9th Jan 2007
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 7th Feb 2018 23:54

I've read in a few places there might be a limit to the number of lines of code in a DBPro project.

Can anyone verify this and if true what is the limit and is there any fix available?
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Joined: 28th Jul 2016
Posted: 8th Feb 2018 08:40
It's over 9000

... srsly, i did not know the actual limit. i never hit it and even on the forum, people rarely talk about it. so i decided to test it myself:

my "test bench":
dark basic pro u7.6
synergy editor
empty project, print "hello world" on every line, no comments. if it runs, i add some lines, if it does not, i remove some lines.
everything in one file.

seems like the limit is at 32325 lines.

taking the test further:
if i write "print "hello world" : print "hello world"" it acts like 2 seperate lines, so no cheating.
empty lines and comments do not count and will be ignored.
the length of the syntax in each line does not change the maximum line count.
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Joined: 31st Aug 2002
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Posted: 8th Feb 2018 10:20
I think that new DBP9Ex version (in the sticky) based off the open-source DBP version removed this limit. AT least I'm pretty sure I read that going through the whole thread one day.

It does not run under Windows XP tho.
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Joined: 25th Feb 2008
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Posted: 8th Feb 2018 21:32
There is no code line limit as I know. FPSC project in DBPro have over 64k lines
Nomad Soul
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Joined: 9th Jan 2007
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 8th Feb 2018 22:34
Thanks for the responses.

Yeah, I'm able to compile the FPSC source code which is 64k lines so if there is a hard limit I guess its quite large.

@Zep - Unfortunately DBPro 9EX doesn't seem to compile a working FPSC executable . I'll have a read through the thread when I get time though thanks.
Chris Tate
DBPro Master
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 12th Feb 2018 04:01 Edited at: 12th Feb 2018 04:01
The code limit is variable. The lowest common denominator and weakest link appears to be the number and complexity of functions or sub routines. The variation depends on the operating system being used during compilation; all in correlation to compiler memory consumption and OS memory management.

This subject was recently debated on the DBPro 9EX forum by Rudolpho.

I have successfully compiled numerous FPSC versions with no issue using the standard DBP packages.

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