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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / The Painter's Playground : AGK2 tier 1, on Steam Now!

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Posted: 8th Feb 2018 19:31 Edited at: 8th Feb 2018 19:36

Launched February 8th, 2018, The Painter's Playground was made with App Game Kit 2, Tier 1, with a little help from The Mad Prof on database, and Adam Biser on Steam integration.

Calling All Artists!

The Painter's Playground is a mashup of utility paint program with RPG-leveling up and clicker-inspired gameplay. While there is no fail state, there are certainly measures of success such as creating a painting that commands a high price in the online community, or owning a gallery of coveted works. Whether you are just someone who wants to doodle with a mouse or already have years of experience creating masterpieces with a drawing tablet - there is fun to be had creating and collecting in the zen coastal town of Painter's Port.
Come visit Painter's Port. Stay awhile. You'll be glad you did.

With slow-burning clicker-inspired progress, you will be peeling away layers for dozens of hours.
Create works of digital 2D art using a multitude of tools, paints, and canvases. Gain recognition for your efforts through the online community through ‘thumbs up’ artwork appreciation votes and/or selling your work.
Manage your own gallery to ensure you have the most coveted collection of curated works; buy, sell, and vote on community-created works of art.
Earn Renown (XP) through painting idle clicker-style, and Bits (money) from gallery sales. Spend these currencies on permanent upgrades, a variety of canvases, new painting tools, paint colors, votes on your favorite paintings in The Community Harbor, and much more.
Invest Renown into progressing through 50 levels as a career artist. The unlock system caters to creative gamers that enjoy a slow-burning ‘lifestyle’ game.
Vie for the top spot in a multitude of categories on the leaderboards.
Enjoy the beautiful IRL hand-crafted oil painted world by renowned artist Russell Murray.
Explore Oyster Mode to paint with absolutely no limitations.
Supports Wacom drawing tablets out of the box.


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Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Posted: 9th Feb 2018 05:12
These type of paint apps seams popular today so good luck ibol
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Joined: 9th Jan 2018
Posted: 9th Feb 2018 14:10
Looking good! Also nice to see the positive reviews on Steam too

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