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Newcomers DBPro Corner / My presentation

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Joined: 11th Jan 2018
Posted: 12th Feb 2018 01:07
I know that there are a little bit of people that uses darkbasic for now, or it seems. I love the basic, from zx spectrum. I am 45 years old and my english is so poor. Sorry.
Then i knew DB, for ten years ago, and maked "hed, the henry editor"(yes, in english), a 3d editor (tipical in db) but its difference was that all constructed was converted in a source code for darkbasic for to be use in a gosub instruction. The game creators submit me "a contract" (an email, similar a contract) for post my app in your CD, but my english was worst that now...
Some years... i dont remember the commands and i start for new to program in db. I am starting for now.

The new apps for make games dont like me. I prefer to write basic. Althougth the matematical are not for me. Angular velocity, sen, cos, tan.. But i have got so imagination.

I like darkbasic because makes life easy and is funny. Althought i was new for now i need yor help for some troubles. My life is so poor. I live in a little town, retired for disease and playing the piano. For here lives a bit of people. Then i remembered my times with DB and i have gone.

For db works in my PC,first, i have to install the free version (not works), and then, copy into that directory the new DB (that it works). And now the cilynders not have faces. Then i have so depressed.

Well. I wish that you not leave DB and have activity in the forums and not forget the beautiful that a language can be to make that things that we like to make.

thankyou for are here


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