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DarkBASIC Discussion / transparency once again...

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Joined: 4th Jun 2008
Location: france
Posted: 5th Mar 2018 08:08
new laptop new problems...

I have encountered transparencies issues again on a new laptop runing windows 10 under microsoft HD drivers and/or nvidia drivers.

I have found a solution (thanks to an old post from latch again : )

using twice the same object with the first one having a "ghost" flag and the second one having a "ghost,1" flag
was OK for the previous problem under HD4000 drivers but broke under later direct x implementation under windows 10

the trick I found now :

for the second object, the one with the "ghost,1" flag I use a white background instead of a black background.

I also had to write this line on the first line of the program as windows 10 refuses 640,480,16

set display mode 800,600,32

I hope this can help someone although DBC's forum is almost dead : (

you can test my DBC game SHOOTER 1.0 which is attached under this post
feel free to visit my web site


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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 7th Mar 2018 15:34 Edited at: 7th Mar 2018 15:57
Nice to see someone still using DarkBasic classic.

64-bit platforms generally won't run 16 bit software without some jumping through hoops so I imagine that applies to 16 bit graphic modes as well.

Also, I went back to the old post (that I think you are referencing) and looked through Silverman's function for adding alpha:

I hadn't gone through it before but looking at it, it's a good general function for adding the transparency.

I might change it to add material settings in the function call itself so I could pass lighting colors and intensity

function add_alpha_to_object(obj,alpha,maindiffuse,mainambient,transdiffuse,transambient)

Also I would avoid gluing the objects together and just position them simulataneously with the same code. I remember a lot of glitches with gluing objects and also not being able to return the true position of a glued object.

Enjoy your day.

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