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Music & Sound FX / Instrumental Song Writer and Composer

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Joined: 5th Jul 2006
Posted: 12th Mar 2018 20:48

My name is David J. Robitaille (A.K.A. Davie J.).

I am an Instrumental Song Writer and Composer. I would like to be considered for entry into your licensing library.

Attached is a PDF copy of a contract between myself and The Game Creators ( for 15 original tracks written and composed by me (I cannot share the actual tracks due to contractual obligations with TGC).


Here is a link to an original (non contractual) sound track I wrote and composed for the animated logo of The Game Creators ( FPS Creator Reloaded re-launch advertisement.


Here are three links to samples of my original music used in video game creature demos for an independent UK game design group:


Here is a link to the bulk of my original compositions. I am not a singer so please ignore any pieces with vocals.

There are many talented musicians out there with varied sounds and experience. It is my hope that I have what you're seeking.
I look forward to hearing from and working with you.
Thank you,
David J. Robitaille


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