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FPSC Classic Models and Media / "Glue" different textures of a weapon into one texture

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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 9th Apr 2018 20:00
Hi, many weapons have 2 textures or more (gun and hands). This is a problem because we can't apply shaders or work on the entire texture.
How can i "glue" these textures together?
Or how can i appy shaders on a weapon with different textures (like MP10)?
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Posted: 16th Apr 2018 22:57
Carloquiga Sorry it took so long for someone to answer your question. Yes, some weapons have one texture, some have two.
Quote: "How can i "glue" these textures together? "

Well if you look at the Colt45 in the gamecore\guns\ww2\colt45 folder and open the weapons ""file
you will see how it's done. The two textures are applied side-by-side. This will require a total re-UV mapping of the weapon.
And then it depends on the shader fx one uses how the textures are setup. Every shader is somewhat different.
If your just starting out it's best to do some searching and reading before hand.

Now for the MP10 weapons, if you open the "gunspec" files you will notice there is no "texture" path listed.
Only a shader.fx is mentioned. The textures for the "hand & weapon" are applied to the "hud" when it is
exported from the modeling program ( it is part of/in the .X weapon file ) So a texture file path is not needed.

Here are three links to some really good reference threads...

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