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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / What does it need, to bring your game to the OUYA?

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Posted: 2nd May 2018 15:38
Hello AppGameKit developers,

I am working on a game, that will came out for the OUYA. I know, there is no store anymore, where I could submit my game. Also for the ForgeTV not. But if I wanted to make money with it, I maybe could bring my APK to humblebundle or so.

I ask in the OUYA forum, what they are looking for and what the future could be. And yes, the are wanting new games, and they also would pay for them. Not like on the play store, where often has to be all free in the first place.

We discuss some possible publishing forms for the OUYA / ForgeTV / ShieldTV on OUYALAND (Facebook,

My idea / thought is the following:

- OUYA small market, but great community, willing to help, support the developer, your game will be seen (not like on steam or google play store)
- it's compatible to nVidia Shield and there for the Nintendo Switch. So when your game runs great on the OUYA, it will perform as well on the other Tegra hardware
- if you want to test your game on a console, the OUYA has controller support, exporting is easy with AppGameKit and you could publish it later to any other set top box like AndroidTV, Amazon FireTV

So my question is: what do you need, to bring your game to the OUYA?

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