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DarkBASIC Discussion / DarkBasic game source codes?

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Joined: 5th Jul 2009
Posted: 20th May 2018 15:17 Edited at: 20th May 2018 15:22

I remember, very long time ago when I just started with DarkBasic Pro I did come across a page on the TGC website that had a link to tons of DarkBasic Classic maybe even some DarkBasic Pro game source codes. Many of them was pretty decent work, like a Doom game, a Double Dragon type 3D side scrolling fighting game, a 3D Space game where I was able to fly around with a ship and destroy asteroids and a tons more. I remember the page did say something about the games were submissions for a Game Jam or something and the list was insane long.
I can't find the page any more and the CodeBase doesn't seem to have the source codes especially the DB Classic ones.
Any idea if those source codes are still around somewhere on TGC server or is it lost forever?

Of course I don't plan to use DarkBasic only curious if those projects are still around or not, maybe it was a forum where all the links was collected, cant remember it was many years ago. But TGC did have a page dedicated to those projects that's all I remember and it was not the CodeBase.

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Posted: 3rd Jul 2018 14:54
I know what you are talking about and I remember downloading it. However, I searched my computer and couldn't find it.
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Posted: 4th Jul 2018 18:35 Edited at: 4th Jul 2018 18:39
The Codebase?
Long before the Internet, we also had an offline codebase with tons of unique code for DBC. Like a software with a giant snippet archive, - It would be a horror to find, but somewhere I should have a copy.

PM, if you really want the offline codebase.

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Posted: 5th Jul 2018 06:34
Maybe this can help..*/thegamecreators
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