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Geek Culture / [LOCKED] I'm looking to hire for $, for someone to help me finish my project.

Bob Sherman
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Joined: 15th Jul 2016
Posted: 30th Jun 2018 12:13
I need some help finishing my program, its a map editor, Im busy, dont care about useless Visual Editor, don't care about Phalexes tiled importer. Please help me finish my tilemap editor which Im almost done with and I will pay you.

Thank you

I dont know where else to post this.
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Joined: 29th Dec 2016
Playing: Far Cry 4
Posted: 2nd Jul 2018 05:01 Edited at: 2nd Jul 2018 15:18
"please finish this for me, i donĀ“t care about the other existing tools on the market, i am paying you to create a tool that is probably inferior and will get horrible reception at launch so you better [MOD EDIT: No swearing] do it!"
You need to improve your persuasion skills, and yes, i will call it persuasion, because someone truly needs to be CONVINCED to take on such a project.
GTA fan, i develop either shitty meme games or small good games.
Either my games are shitty or England is my city.

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Joined: 12th Sep 2011
Location: Bergen, Norway
Posted: 3rd Jul 2018 23:44
Here's what you do - you open source it.

Load the project up to Github or Bitbucket with all necessary files to compile it in the state it is now. Then you post back here with a few screenshots, what functionality it should have when done and what is missing to get there.

If anyone find it interesting, they'll help.

Oh, and working on others code can be daunting - so it better be well organized and tidy, with good documentation.
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Joined: 2nd May 2018
Posted: 4th Jul 2018 02:06
The problem is you dont have any code to show and also you do not give any real value to the pay and time you need for the finished program.

How long to we have?
How much is the pay?
When will we get paid?
what type of programe? we only know its some type of editor. We know it a tile map but for what and what type?

We need to see some code, working code.


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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
Location: Paradox
Posted: 4th Jul 2018 06:53 Edited at: 4th Jul 2018 06:54
I'm going to repost my comment from your last thread, lock this thread and give you one more chance to read and follow the advice and AUP.

Hey, a Mod here, I took a look at your original post and if you post a screen shot with the request along with a look at a proper project that has a good amount of work already gone into it, than the thread will be acceptable. Feel free to create a new thread if you want.

Yes, when it comes to the "Oh I got an AWESOME GAME IDEA, so I need a team of 100 PEPS to help (help as in do all the work while I play pretend President of my made up company) make teh gamez! I can't pay now but will consider a % of sales...give me da codez! Book!? Book is stupid!" threads, it's against the AUP. But we do allow exceptions when someone who has an actual proper project with hard work gone into it looking for help finishing.

As for payments, you should discuss that in PM or other chat, and if posting here you can only offer PayPal only. This also includes peps who want to sell code or media on the forumns, if you're user who has contributed to the forum and want to sell some work, you can do that, but PayPal transactions only.

Good luck on your project! Honestly, if you posted the code on here, you'd probably get the help for free, unless your plan is to sell the app in the end.

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