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FPSC Classic Scripts / Talking Script using text

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Joined: 6th Mar 2018
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Posted: 30th Jun 2018 18:48
hi, i was searching the forums and i couldn't find any NPC Talking scripts(i did try Ben's script) but im not really too keen on Huds then i looked through the manuel and noticed a command called: Fpgtextcrawl, could anyone use this to make a character be able to speak?
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Posted: 2nd Jul 2018 23:31
thedoctor989 When you say "huds" for any NPC Talking scripts, your referring to hud images that display text, correct ?
Quote: "noticed a command called: Fpgtextcrawl"

Do you mean "fpgcrawtext=x" ? Yes, it's meant to display text quickly and simply using scripts when a conversation is needed with an NPC.
Another command is the "hudtext=x" It again is the "hud" command but with no image needed. Both are very useful and easy to use.

At the top of this forum is BlackFox's thread for scripting.
Near the top is a good example for what you need. "Conversation script" by The Story Teller

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