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FPSC Classic Scripts / [SOLVED] Teleporting script needed

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Joined: 6th Mar 2018
Location: Dimension 669
Posted: 5th Jul 2018 13:56
i am in need of a teleport script where the player is teleported when they get near a door, the 2nd room is a exact replica of the first, i want to teleport the player to the 2nd room to give the illusion they are in a loop, (for the whole game this comes into play)
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Posted: 6th Jul 2018 00:29
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thedoctor989 Like I said, we have that script already. It's the "transportifused" script. The command you want to use if "moveplrifused"
This move the player to the named "ifused" entity. Here is a simple quick script, attach it to the door's "Main AI" script.

In the door's "If Used" field enter a name of an entity you will place in the other room. Place any "small" dynamic entity in the other room (like a key ???)
Give it the SAME name (make sure its dynamic) Give this entity the "default.fpi" script for the main ai. Now do the same for the other room's door.
Use a different name for the "entity" and your all set
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